🎲 Probability

🚧 Welcome to the future location of Probability! 🚧

Probability is a place to play multiplayer 3D board games & tabletop games in your browser.

Get mad at your friends for trading 5 sheep for 1 wheat, local or remote, online or offline!

We will provide a free experience similar to Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia, and Tabletop Playground, but with an interface more suited to beginners and casual gamers, and support for tablets, Chromebooks, and phones.

This is how good it looked in 2021, imagine how much better the graphics are today! (The answer is not much better, gameplay comes first).

We (🗑️💧️ Garbo Succus) plan to open up early access in 2024, with basic support for Tabletop Playground modfiles arriving later (you can import TTS files into TP).

That's downunder for "garbage juice"!

Probability is a "local first" app. You can play online, but also offline within Bluetooth range. You can also share anything with other players. We plan to make money by letting people sell things they made.